Malaz ELgmeiabby

“Aligning architecture with community needs.”

Malaz Elgemiabby, Associate AIA

International Associate Architect, President of ELMALAZ

About us

Malaz Elgemiabby is the Founding Principal and Executive Director of ELMALAZ, an architecture and design studio in Cleveland, Ohio. As a designer, photographer, and teacher, her work creatively investigates community needs to ensure the delivery of the right architectural solutions. Malaz’s work is recognized and published widely. Most recently, she has been invited to speak at the Women in Architecture conference 2019, and appointed as the Designer in Residence for Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion 2019. She is also the recipient of Cleveland Foundation Minority Art and Culture Fund grant.

Malaz Elgemiabby is an Adjunct Associate Professor at The John Elliot Center for Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University, US, and is an active member of the Women in Architecture+ committee of AIA Cleveland. She has also taught at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and held the position of general manager of Sudanese Business Women Development Center, Khartoum, Sudan.

Malaz Elgemiabby is from Khartoum, Sudan, and holds a Master of Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

ELMALAZ offers fresh design methods built on a collaborative approach between the interdisciplinary stakeholders utilizing unique skills and tools carefully cultivated through international and multicultural architectural experiences. ELMALAZ’s  portfolio of work spans over multiple countries and includes the areas of hospitality, education, offices, housing, civic buildings, urban development, and more recently, park systems, and public art.

ELMALAZ’s most recent project, The Ohio City’s Riverview Welcome Center ,Cleveland, Ohio has been featured in  many publications including The Plain Dealer, Ideastream, The Plain Press, and CAN Journal. A recent architectural review by Steven Litt of  Cleveland.com called the project ” a small but important step toward creating the future park.”

What we offer


We got you covered: From the early stages of brainstorming an idea, to engaging with the community, through the delivery of the final design that incorporates community input and feedback.


We are the first people in the team and the last to leave! Our studio is equipped with the skills and tools to assess the community and stakeholder needs and then translate them into design recommendations. We maintain a close relationship with designers/ architects to guide them through the implementation of the project to ensure the alignment of the architecture with community needs.








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